Saturday, January 20, 2007

Prototype grows up is the new site for Prototype 1.5. As the Ajaxian blog noted: Now with Documentation! Of course, Prototype always had some documentation; quite good documentation at that, even though there were substantial pieces missing and you had to go digging sometimes.

Prototype played a big part in reawakening my interest in Javascript as a programming language. I was rather anti-Javascript for a while, having fought many bloody battles with cross-browser incompatibilities in the early 2000's (UNC Chapel Hill, my then employer, had standardized, somewhat foolishly, on Netscape 4.7, but of course we had to support IE too -- nightmare). I got back into it seriously when I started to notice all of the AJAXy and Web 2.0-ish stuff going on. I've learned a lot from digging around in the Prototype source code, so the spotty documentation actually did me some good.

Kudos to the Prototype development team and the contributors to the documentation effort. You've done us all a great service! I look forward to using 1.5...