Thursday, April 28, 2005

When SEOs Attack

Search Engine Foo: iUniverse Book Publishing: Book Publisher for Self Publishing and Print on Demand. Care to guess what terms they're optimizing for? It does seem to work. They show up #1 for a Google search on "self publishing." So clearly this sort of spamming works. But it leads to pretty hilarious prose:

iUniverse, the leading online book publisher, offers the most comprehensive book publishing services in the self-publishing industry—awarded the Editor's Choice award by PC Magazine and chosen by thousands of satisfied authors as the leading print-on-demand book publisher.

We help authors to prepare a manuscript, design and self-publish a book of professional quality, publicize and market their book, and print copies of their book for sale online and in bookstores around the world.

As an innovative book publisher, we also offer exclusive services such as our acclaimed Editorial Review and our revolutionary Star Program, designed to discover and nurture exceptional new talent within our growing author community.

Don't wait any longer to get that manuscript off your desk and into the marketplace. With iUniverse as your book publisher, you can become a published author in a matter of weeks. Why not get started today?

Yes, indeed. Publish your book with a publishing publisher and be published. Ouch. Not sure I'd pay them an exorbitant fee to edit my book.