Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catching up

My New Year's resolution was to write more, and specifically to blog more, but so far all of my writing has been internally focussed at my job.  So I shall have another go...

Speaking of New Year's, I spent a chunk of New Year's Eve getting The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina off the ground.  It's driven by the eXist XML database, of which I've grown rather fond.  XQuery has a lot of promise as a tool for digital humanists with large collections of XML.

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nymbyl said...

I agree XQuery looks good. A lot of times writing an Xsl transform to extract data
just isn't practical. I can imagine that's particularly true with an Xml database.

If your working with Java - some people say Scala is good for working with Xml. Because straight Xml is an inherent data structure in the language. There is even a converter from XQuery to Scala here:

Also, I was curious what the underlying Java framework (if any) is driving
"The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina"? If you're allowed to say?

I noticed if you go here (for instance):
and then hit the index breadcrumb it leads here:

which gives an error at the moment.

Not trying to be nit-picky at all - I just noticed it.